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Screenshot of Tabelau benchmarking dashboard
Trends in the IT Sector of Non-Profit Organizations

What do NPO IT leaders say about IT investment over the past 17 years? Visualize CIO4Good survey trends.

Research poster for the Chetah Search Engine
Chetah Search Engine

Chetah is a search engine for UN and NGOs reports and it summarizes reports with the state of the art deep learning algorithm, BERT. Users can search by applying filters of UN Clusters. This phase 1 product has reports from IFRC, IWA and UNICEF. It retrieves evidence-based program reports and annual reports. The results have been proven better than the Google and Bing for Non-profit sector, with an F1-score of 0.78. It is developed to help NGO program managers and policy makers to design programs and grant funds. This tool aims to provide better answers for nonprofit work and eventually to help solve the crucial real problems that NGO and UN are facing.

Research poster for IFRC S2030 Think Paper on Digital Identification
Think Paper on Digital Identification

Digital identification and biometric data have become increasingly popular in the private sector and have slowly been introduced and piloted in governmental and non-governmental organizations in the emerging world.

The IFRC S2030 Think Piece on Digital Identification summarizes research into how biometric data, digital identification, and blockchain technology have and will take part in the lives of vulnerable populations in refugee camps.

Research poster for Refugee Demographic & Connectivity Trends in Greece and Serbia
Refugee Demographic & Connectitivity Trends in Greece and Serbia

What can we learn about refugees' access to the internet and mobile device ownership from a high level perspective?


Data4Good's Mission

The UMSI Data4Good center brings together non-profit organizations' data into larger datasets for benchmarking and trend analysis. Putting data in the hands of nonprofits contributes to the body of knowledge about a broad scope of development and relief programs, which in turn will lead to better decision-making in nonprofit work.

Data4Good's Values

The Data4Good center values transparency and equal access to information and data analysis that has the potential to impact lives through nonprofit organizations.

Data4Good's Team

Ed Happ

Executive Fellow

Edward G. Happ is an Executive Fellow at the University of Michigan School of Information, where he is teaching and conducting research. His 40 years of professional experience include all facets of managing information services and high technology businesses, including general management with P&L responsibility, operations, product management, sales, marketing, customer service, human resources management, technical consulting, manufacturing, and both software and hardware development.

HoJoon Kim

Project Manager & Data Scientist

HoJoon is a master’s student at University of Michigan - School of Information, where he is pursuing specialization in data science and analytics. His previous professional experience comes from supply chain management in the automotive industry. With understanding in economics, various international relations, and specialty in supply chain management, he focuses on leveraging data science analytics to provide practical insight on business operations, products, and innovations.

Mariah Jacobs

Web Developer

Mariah is a second year M.S. student studying UX research, design, and development at the University of Michigan - School of Information. With a previous educational background in Computer Science, Mariah is interested in UI and web development projects for efforts that help improve people's lives, and rely on factual data to do so. She maintains the Data4Good center website and has contributed to the development of the Chetah search engine's UI.

Shivika Bisen

Data Scientist

Shivika is a Data Science professional with 3 years of experience in the domain of machine learning, including NLP, information retrieval, and software engineering. She is a M.S. Data Science graduate from the University of Michigan - College of Engineering. Presently, she is a Data Scientist lead for the Chetah search engine for NGO and UN reports. She also serves as the MECC project coordinator with the Michigan Broadband Initiaitve to improve broadband connectivity in Michigan.

Gordon Nenadovic

UX Designer & Game Designer

Gordon is a UX Designer and Researcher interested in understand users' experiences and telling stories. He is studying Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Michigan - School of Information in Ann Arbor.


What is Data4Good?
UMSI Data4Good center brings together non-profit organizations' data into larger datasets for benchmarking and trend analysis.
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